Afkar General Trading

AFKAR General Trading is a Kuwait- based establishment that was found in 1982, specializing in  import, distribution to the local market and export of "AlShaya Perfumes" to the gulf area and beyond, where the main purpose of the establishment is to differentiate between the wholesale and retail to ensure quality of services.

The main fields of "Afkar General Trading" are:

  • Oriental Perfumes
  • Western Perfumes and toiletries products.
  • Accessories and gifts.

Today Afkar General Trading has established itself successfully in Kuwait and has franchise of "Alshaya Perfumes" in the gulf area (Qatar, UAE & Saudia Arabia). It deals with wide range of suppliers in more than 23 countries and it has built by time its own brand name, which is “AFKAR”.

As Afkar has grown over the past 30 years, nowadays it has diverse businesses as:

  • Manufacturing Perfumes
  • Retailing Perfumes
  • Real Estate companies
  • Educational company
  • Medical company