Rasha Drawer Liner PaperHome Fragrance

Product Information

This pretty perfumed lining paper will delicately fragrance your clothes and linen.


  • Content: 5 sheets.
  • Sheet size: 39cm*60cm

Rasha Room SprayRoom Spray

Product Information

  • Freshen your home with our long lasting fragrances of room sprays.
  • Spray it onto freshen bed linen, curtains, rooms and clothes.
  • Shake well and spray.

Size: 475 ML

Rasha EdpOriental

Size: 50 ML

Rasha Roll OnOriental

Product Information

  • Convenient size bottle with easy-to-use roll on applicator. Ideal for those on-the-go, Just keep in your handbag or pocket for those occasions when you need to freshen up.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Direction: Apply the roll-on on the body’s pulse points (neck, chest and wrist) and lightly roll the ball on the skin to release the fragrance.

Size: 8 ML